How I help athletes:

Meet Hayley, a Muay Thai fighter who is also a Type 1 Diabetic…

I had first gotten connected with Gabby when I finally admitted wanting to take fighting seriously…In the beginning I started my work with Gabby weighing in at 155lb…Gabby had pointed out to me that I was lacking a significant amount of carbs in my diet; which made my blood sugars uncontrollable (so many lows during heavy training days) and not enough energy to power through full days of work, training, and my runs. End of story- she fixed it! I felt amazing. In the beginning it was challenging to eat so much, but the moment I got used to it, fight camp was not as sufferable for me as it was for others. Even my teammates have been asking me why I am not dying everyday!”

See how my clients have benefited from my customized programs and methods:

“I have always had a bad relationship with food and my body. I have been to every famous nutritionist out there and have tried every fad diet.  Some worked, but the entire time I had a hate towards it. I felt sad that I wasn’t enjoying life, and I’d gain it all back. I always liked taking Gabby’s classes at the gym so I decided to approach her and I am so glad that I did. She was so warm and made me feel like I am normal! She sat and spent so much time getting to know me, my likes and dislikes. She made me a diet actually no, it was a new lifestyle plan which I actually can stick to because she helped me conquer fears and try new things. I am loosing weight, feeling amazing and having a great relationship with food. I never feel deprived or sad. She always has my back and is there whenever I need her. I owe her a lot because without her I wouldn’t be loving myself as much as I do now.” 

-C.S., 6- month program 

“Gabby helped me understand that reaching my goals was a series of habits I needed to integrate, done at a realistic, manageable pace. Not fighting for compliance with a set of cookie-cut rules that I may or may not achieve depending on my hourly willpower. Case in point: Working with Gabby was the first time I have EVER learned to cook for myself for the week. I don’t hate cooking, but it always falls to the bottom of my priorities and it seemed like something I would never nail. Which sucked because it’s kind of a cornerstone of eating well. Gabby helped me tie my weekly cooking to my preexisting (more obligatory) weekend cooking habit – and it stuck. She’s here for you and your longterm success. It is so much more than a series of “no”s – it’s all about building you up.”  

-S.A., 3-month program 

Where do you stand with you relationship with food and your body?


Evaluate your relationship today! 

Let's get stronger together.

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