Nutrition Programs

I help women stop dieting and start nourishing and fueling to perform both in and outside of the gym.  Life is short, diets suck.  Let’s work together to:

  1. Understand your bodies nutrition needs, physically and emotionally
  2. Overcome food fears and food rules that are limiting your potential
  3. Learn to accept your body (and yourself) in the process

People I help are:

  1. Athletes and physically active women
  2. Women who have struggled with dieting
  3. Women with a current of history of disordered eating/eating disorder
  4. Individuals with clinical conditions and diseases with dietary interventions (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, CKD, and more)

Where do you stand with you relationship with food and your body?


Evaluate your relationship today! 

Let's get stronger together.

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