Have you ever been curious on how to….

navigate fitness and nutrition from a non-diet, health focused approach?

build self-worth and improve your self-esteem outside of what your body looks like?

improve your body image, relationship with food and learn to quit dieting, for good?

dive and connect deeper into what your body can do to build physical and mental strength?

Then join us for 4 days of workshops and storytelling to learn from experts on how to build a new, fresh approach to your health, both mentally and physically, through fitness, nutrition and body image.

Sessions and Speakers

Dominate Your Food Fears: The Role of Mindfulness by Gabriela Barreto, MS, RD, CFSC

Social Media’s Influence on Our Body Image and Health by Rachel Tuchman, LMHC

Playing Offense Instead of Defense in Food & Fitness: how to change your approach via self-actualization vs. fear & shame by Yakira Apfel, CFSC

Overcoming Emotional & Binge Eating by Christine Coen, Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer

Body kindness: How to Heal Your Relationship with Your Body by Brittany Modell, MS, RD

AND MORE!! (including a signature workout with Gabby)

Conference Details

Dates: February 22-23-24-25

Times: 12pm, 3pm, 8pm sessions, scheduled to be released mid-February

Cost: The LIVE Sessions are 100% FREE. To get full access to the conference at any time after the conference (up to 1 year), you can purchase access for $47 until February

Conference Recordings ($47 until 2/10/2021)

Get full access to the full event if you cannot make it live. Full recordings of each session and Q&A plus a BONUS thank you gift.


Where do you stand with you relationship with food and your body?


Evaluate your relationship today! 

Let's get stronger together.

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