6 Week Get InTune with Your Nutrition Program

You deserve to feel at peace with food and take action towards your goals.

Restricting food is not the key to being a strong, confident woman. That’s why I developed my 6 week Get InTune with Your Nutrition program that will help you:

Improve your relationship with FOOD

Take ACTION towards your GOALS

Learn to FUEL your own, unique body

Apply the SKILLS you have to improve your nutrition

Build your own IDEAL body image

Break FREE from dieting and food rules

I know what it is like to feel frustrated with dieting, your body image and relationship with food. I was able to heal my relationship with food and live free from restriction and dieting. With my professional experience as a Registered Dietitian and personal experience escaping from dieting, I can help you succeed. It’s really amazing how good it feels to live free from that dieters mentality!

This program will span 6 weeks and will provide you with:

-Weekly lessons and education with specific, actionable tasks to accomplish.

-All lessons delivered via video and audio with worksheets to fill out on my platform, Practice Better.  These sheets will be your personal guide and you will be explained in each video.

-Weekly, 1:1 20-minute check-ins to assess progress and provide guidance.  In these calls we will dive deeper into the weekly lessons or answer those nagging questions you have!

Each week will offer a unique topic that will help you move closer to your ideal and truly experience food freedom.:

WEEK 1 Redefine your relationship with food: We will spend some time looking through your relationship with food, look at what has been holding you back from success, and start to build your goals.

WEEK 2 Taking Action: Learn to break down your goals into actionable behaviors to work towards reaching them each and every day. We make it manageable so you can crush it. 

WEEK 3 Meal Planning: Build your meal plan to  fuel your own unique body, lifestyle and training.  Learn about the different food groups and nutrients and how much of each your body needs to perform at it’s best.

WEEK 4 Explore what TRUE hunger is and what satisfying meals mean:  Ever say, “Am I hungry or am i bored?” or “do I even REALLY want to eat this right now?” or “OMG why can’t i stop craving xyzzy?”  This week will help you really understand cravings, hunger, and binging and how to solve that question “What should I eat?”

WEEK 5 Let’s talk about body image:  This week will explore tools on improving body satisfaction and building your own ideal body image.  Learn about body functionality, how our bodies change and what you can do to build a healthier relationship with it.

WEEK 6 Setting yourself up for future success is key.  This final week will go over what you have accomplished and what future actions and steps you need to take to keep up with your progress and make even greater gains. 

Are you ready to take the next step to level up your nutrition and get more InTune with your body? I hope you said yes, because trust me you’re wroth it.

So here are the other details you want to know:

-The program officially launches on July 5th and will be available through the end of August.

-Once you join, you will get access to the portal that will officially open on July 5th at 7am!

-You can start booking your 20 min check ins once you join to lock in your time slot.

-The cost: $447 for 6 weeks of lessons, support and weekly 1:1 counseling sessions.


Click here to join Practice Better and sign up.


What if I want to sign up for the discount but cannot start until after July 5th? You can pay now and start when you can prior to the end of August.

I’m busy and really don’t have much time to commit each week, how long should I expect to spend each week? Outside our 20 min call, each week with have a 15-30 minute video with education on the topic. Take these sessions on the go for a walk, lounging on the beach, and sipping your AM cup of coffee. Outside the call and the videos, how much time you spend on the work will vary from person to person.

I am an athlete, can this program help me? Whether you are an athlete, train hard, or barely exercise at all, this program is for you! If you are seeking to improve your relationship with food and body image, reach your nutrition and health goals, the foundation of this program will take you there.

How much weight can I lose on this program? I get it, you really want to feel secure that a program will guarantee you weight loss. As a professional, it is really hard to guarantee numbers as a sign of success. You’ll learn in this program to look beyond your scale to feel strong and empowered.

I am struggling with an eating disorder, will this help me? If you are struggling with an eating disorder, disordered eating, have been in treatment for an eating disorder or are unsure, please email me at nutritionbygabby@gmail.com.

6 Week Get InTune with Your Nutrition


Where do you stand with you relationship with food and your body?


Evaluate your relationship today! 

Let's get stronger together.

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