I’ve had a blog in the past.  I was much younger, less knowledgeable and had relatively little patience to see small triumphs as a way to achieve greater levels of success.  While I have wanted to reboot my food and fitness writing for some time, a graduate education and juggling work and life delayed this adventure.  Now going into my final semester(ish) of grad school, I decided to just do it.

What brought me into the field of nutrition was my love and passion for healthy food and cooking.  Prior to getting my Masters in nutrition, I was going to attend culinary school at the Natural Gourmet Institute.  Cooking did something for me, like a therapy, that helped me to connect to food and appreciate nourishing my body.  I took advice from a chef I once worked with who advised me to become a Dietitian and after do my chef training.

Having gone into the world of nutrition science and combining that knowledge to what I do in the kitchen, I have a new appreciation for what I cook and how it connects to fueling and healing the body.  While I still have a long way of learning how to cook, my intention is to help you discover and develop ways to enjoy healthy, tasty food.

Thank you for joining my page and I hope to inspire you to lead a healthier, more active life!


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